Dear Kobie
Just a thank you note, for a fantastically informative session.  Please keep us posted on any other courses you are presenting in this year.
Lynne Achilles

Our turnover for the financial year was up 36% on last year. Many thanks to Kobie for the help, support and good counsel during the year.
Graham Miller

Must read

When Alexia’s Supply Services met Kobie of Acorns to Oaks, we were looking for value. We were going through tough times. We needed a turn- around strategy. We needed new thinking. We needed fresh eyes and ears. We needed to brainstorm ideas. We needed a partner. We needed a devil’s advocate. We needed our ideas dissected and turned upside down. We needed capital. We needed one to one sessions on a weekly basis to crystalize ideas and concretize it. Sometimes we just needed a friend and sympathetic ear.
We got all that and more from Acorns to Oaks.
Mendall Lawrence

After each session I became reinforced with new ideas to use
Peter Mammous

Kobie was always very helpful. He gave me useful insights and a couple of hot buttons and fall back positions to try
Derek Todd

Must read

A friend referred me to Acorns to Oaks when I was on the verge of closing my joinery business. An introductory meeting with them revealed just how little we knew about how business works.  We were fearful of overcharging in case we lost the work.  We were taking on more and more work, but it was not profitable enough. So we ended up working ourselves into the ground without any gain.  The advice was to grow the Canvas business and become more selective, or niche, with the Joinery.
In the space of 6 months, we have managed to do just that. Our profit margins have increased significantly.  The canvas business has grown so much that we have had to take on additional staff and increase our workshop space. And the custom joinery has become more selective about the type of work it takes on, which has led to more profitable contracts with far less stress.
Their approach is not intimidating or judgmental, so it’s easy to follow the process.  We have come to realize that despite what we thought about how ‘different’ or ‘unique’ our business is, the truth is that the same basic rules apply to all businesses.
This journey has been a revelation to me.  It has changed my life dramatically.  I am no longer afraid of my business.  The fear of how to pay, or who to pay, at month end has gone.  The depression of living without any spare cash takes a massive toll on family life and we have managed to lose all of that. I would highly recommend Acorns to Oaks’ service to any entrepreneur.
Laurance Friedman

May I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to my personal mentor, Kobie, for his sterling work on shaping my career.
Julikias Gandure

The mentoring process keeps one focused and involved. I felt the process was exactly what I needed
Ralph Patmore

Kobie has been a great mentor
Gavin van Aswegen

Thank you for a fantastically informative session
Lynne Achilles