How to draw up a fundable business plan

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Kobie Kotze
Kobie Kotze
ABOUT THE CEO: Kobie has more than 30 years’ experience in business and management. A lot of said experience was gained working in and dealing with businesses in foreign countries. Expert knowledge and hundreds of years of business experience are vested in the associates, which Acorns to Oaks use to support its pledge to you. ...

About this course

What you will Learn You will learn how to draft a Business Plan containing the right information to satisfy the needs of prospective funders of your product/business (like banks, private investors, etc.). And, of course, a plan that will guide you towards success. Please note that we use the masculine gender throughout the Module. The feminine gender is not excluded. “He” is just a shorter word to type…. If you have to do it 200 times!!   TUITION We offer individual tuition on the subject. This will be done through Skype, telephone, e-mail or WhatsApp sessions. During these one-on-one sessions we’ll practice your selling skills by means of role-play, or simply by responding to your questions and ideas. The FEE.
  • The course WITH additional tuition              : R950
This training course will only be available on screen for three (3) weeks from date of payment. If online tuition is included, it’ll be available for four (4) weeks from date of payment.

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  • How to draw up a fundable business plan
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